Does The Jump Manual Really Work? My Overview On Jacob Hiller’s Program

Today I wanna present to you a great case study of how a man took his hobby of jumping and turned it in to a great successful jump program which I had the opportunity to try.


Coach Hiller

The Jump Manual, created by Jacob Hiller is a training program that helps you to jump higher.

Jacob Hiller, who is a professional trainer, has been training professional athletes to increase their vertical leap and attain maximum air time. Since several years ago he has been dealing with every aspect of jumping. His work and experience has made him understand the working of human muscles.

With this knowledge he was able to devise the best course of action which included detailed instructions on diets and exercises to create the biggest capacity in vertical jumping, as well as maximize the athletes results.

Essential Parts of a Great Vertical Jump

If there’s something I noticed about basketball players is that usually the majority of them depend upon professional coaches or their colleagues for guidance and information during their jump training. They work meticulously and try hard repeating the exercises which are known to increase vertical jump.

Due to the sheer amount of work they put in, what would be a small problem for an amateur now becomes a big problem for the professional and the result is usually an ongoing fail.



However Jacob Hiller, in his jump manual, points out that not only hard work is not always effective, but it can also be harmful, unless it is executed correctly. Commitment, strong desire and hard work to succeed are definitely essential, but to achieve your target vertical leap you should understand the essential parts of a good jump, which are quickness, fuel, neurological recruitment as well as conditioning, strength, balance and stability, form, body composition, hereditary factors and flexibility.

How The Jump Manual Can Motivate You!


Evidence of success

I can tell you right now that The Jump Manual training program will not let you waste any of your time doing the wrong kind of exercises for jumping higher. On the other hand, it will show you all the correct workouts as well as exercises you can do to get maximum results.

Hiller’s manual comes in the form of an online platform consisting of videos and exercises which you can view by using a computer or mobile device. The jump manual’s website contains all the tools and workout charts that you’ll need so that you can keep track of your progress.

There’s even a vert tracker software so you could monitor how many inches your vertical jump has increased per week. This in turn will motivate you and also make you strive harder.

Also, when something succeeds it usually creates a buzz in the community. Well, the jump manual is no different and here’s a small taste of what people think of it.

1) A guy named Jesse who’s only 5’11 and has had an impressive 17 inch increase in his vertical:

He’s also documented the entire process and posted it on his blog

2) An athlete named Brandon from Hawaii who’s only 23 and already reached a 40 inch vertical:

And there’s hundreds of more examples like these.

A Thing to Note

One thing to note however is that the jump manual program is not meant for everyone. If you have a dismissive attitude about training and if you’re too lazy to show discipline by following the program precisely, then you should spare yourself the try.

The jump manual equips you with all the knowledge and the tools you need to make it happen, but ultimately you’re the one who’s responsible for following through with it.


Hard work would be needed

Since there are lots of different vertical jump programs on the internet and since too many of them are simply scam, The Jump Manual program by Jacob Hiller comes with a guarantee.

If you don’t gain 10 inches on your vertical jump in spite of doing the program properly for 12 weeks, your money will be returned to you.

This in itself is a proof that the Jump Manual is really a legitimate program and not a hoax!


jumping-chartIf you are persistent, focused and want to enhance your hops or dunk the basketball and augment your game well, this is the perfect program for you! The Jump Manual has helped numerous athletes from all across the globe and it will definitely help you.

If you’d like to learn more about the training model behind Jacob Hiller Jump Manual and the secret to its popularity then go to the manual’s site or look for it on youtube.